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 I'd like an explanation.

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I'd like an explanation. Empty
PostSubject: I'd like an explanation.   I'd like an explanation. Icon_minitimeThu Aug 19, 2010 5:27 pm

So earlier today, Me and a bunch of dudes from the clan were all changing our own names or asking for our name to be changed and we were just fucking around, normal... right? We weren't gonna keep it like that permanently, and we were just trying to have some fun cause we were bored. If you want us to take our jobs as admin's and mod seriously then get people to stop bagging on you. I've heard "Get a life, Don't take your un-payed job so seriously, calm down". People try to get an excuse to not be banned, and if we ban someone then we get ripped on for doing it.

I'd like an explanation. 1281718643282
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I'd like an explanation.
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